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205 W Angus Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066
Mon, Wed, Thr, Fri: 9AM to 12PM, 3PM to 6PM
Tue: 9AM to 12PM, 4PM to 9PM
Sat, Sun : 10AM to 12PM, 4PM to 6PM
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Balvihar Sunday School

Balvihar's Mission

Balvihar's objective includes but not limited to: Developing basic reading, writing, and communication skills in Hindi and other languages. Developing awareness of dharmic cultural heritage, Vedic traditions, and Values by celebrating important Hindu festivals.

Enroll your children ages 4-14 in Balvihar. More details here.

Recent Activities

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MANDIR OPEN: The Mandir is now open and devotees are welcome to vist the Mandir. Wearing a mask inside Mandir premises is required at all times. Thank you.

We have many on-line programs planned. Visit our Facebook for more details. Do keep in touch with us during this difficult time for all.

FIRST TIMER? If you never visited the temple before, the best day to visit is on one of Tuesday evenings at 7:30-9:00PM. There will be Ram katha, bhajan, arti, Hanuman Chalisa and mahaprasad (dinner).

Interested in Bharat Natyam? Write to

Tabla classes: Contact Neil Prasad (650) 409-7475; Email

E-MAILS: Best way to keep up with temple events, join our e-mail communication list. Write to to add your e-mail address.

View Photos and Videos to know what is going on at the temple. While there please "Like" us and Share our page!

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Balvihar is a Non-Profit Community Learning Center inside Sanatan Mandir Temple, San Bruno, California for Kids of All Age. Learn more.

Stay Connected with Mandir!

Follow Sanatan Mandir on social media so that you can be updated on the latest news related to the mandir!

Twitter: @Sanatan_mandir
Facebook: Sanatan Mandir San Bruno
Instagram: Coming soon

Daily Events

Monday: Shivling Pooja, Shiv Puran, Katha, Aarti and Prasad.
Tuesday: Pooja,havan,Ramayan, Aarti, prasad and Pritibhoj.
Check for Daily events here
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